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What is LED light therapy and what are its benefits?


Our skin can absorb light and convert it into energy. This energy, in turn, causes certain reactions in the skin cells:

  • it accelerates the recovery processes,
  • stimulates the production of collagen,
  • increases elasticity,
  • fights bacteria,
  • evens out skin tone and removes toxins.

LED therapy, or also called light therapy, is based on this ability and is developed to empower the skin to resist aging.

A number of studies showed that rays of a certain length have a beneficial effect on the skin. That is why in cosmetic LED devices, unlike the sun, you will not find the spectrum of rays that could have a negative effect. To create artificial rays, scientist used chemical compounds, which emit light waves of a certain length and color under the influence of electrical power, imitating the sun’s rays. In cosmetology, most often blue, red, and green colors are used. They penetrate to different depths of the skin layers and solve different problems.

At the very beginning LED technology was available only in medical laboratories, later it reached professional cosmetic salons, but we are lucky today to have LED light devices for use at home. Of course, they are not as powerful as salon care, but their advantage is that home devices can be used at least every day, and the cost compared to treatments in salons is much lower. Though, these home devices are also not cheap, but it is the best investment in your skin.

One of these gadgets is the Salvatone anti-aging device. It is the most effective and safest device among the similar principal devices in the market. In addition to three modes of LED therapy, its massage head generates massage impulses with a frequency of 3 MHz (3 million times of micro amplitude vibration per second) that cause the dermis tissue and cells change their density in waves having a powerful stimulating effect. The fibroblast cells increase several times the level of synthesis of collagen and elastin. In their turn, these substances give tissues firmness and elasticity. The frequency of 3 MHz in combination with LED colors is the latest original technology that helps the skin to enhance its own resources as well as it empowers effect of cosmetics that you use by letting it to penetrate deeper into skin layers.

As mentioned before, Salvatone has three different colors of LED therapy. Each of them has its own unique effect.

BLUE LIGHT is aimed to treat pimples, blemish, inflammation and acne. It emits short 400 – 510 nanometers wavelengths and is close to ultraviolet in the spectrum of waves. But having antibacterial properties, it does not expose the skin to additional risk. It penetrates only into the 1 mm upper layer of the skin, that is exactly what is needed to saturate the skin with oxygen. According to the American Academy of Dermatology researches, such therapy has shown very good results on the skin of people with mild and moderate acne – after a week of daily therapy, the number of blackheads can decrease by 41.5%, and rashes – up to 30.4%. Also, blue light helps prevent the appearance of rashes, improves oil control, calms sensitive skin, helps to prevent cancer and even to treat sleep disorders, that makes it useful for almost everyone.

GREEN LIGHT helps in the fight against pigmentation, it is good for treating chronic diseases, fights wrinkles, helps the skin to heal. It has a wavelength of 515-520 nanometers. The effects of green light are still being studied, but there is already scientific evidence that it can lighten freckles and spots caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, remove redness and even out skin tone.

RED LIGHT is used for reaching anti-aging effect. It has a wavelength of 633 – 830 nanometers and penetrates the skin to a depth of 4-5 mm. This is where the fibroblasts are producing collagen and elastin. In addition, red light improves blood circulation, thereby saturating cells with oxygen and nutrients.

LED therapy with red light should be performed at least once a week.

Except safety precautions there are no restrictions for using Salvatone anti-aging device, but you need to remember that all the products applied before the procedure can get into the deep layers of the skin under the influence of light. Therefore, be sure to cleanse your face and do not apply products with retinol and AHA / BHA acids before using the device.

It will be useful in advance to do a light peeling or mesotherapy – both the rays and useful components from the care cosmetics applied before the procedure will penetrate deeper. For care, it is best to use oil-free products, choosing them according to the type and needs of the skin.

By using  Salvatone anti-aging device regularly no less than once a week, you will notice how glowing and radiant your skin will be in a very short period of time.

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