Gergeti & Gergeti

Kazbegi (also known by its new name, Stepantsminda) is an alpine town in the Greater Caucasus, due north of Tbilisi and very close to the border with Russia. Perched on a hill above the town in the shadow of mighty Mount Kazbek sits Gergeti Trinity Church, the country’s most iconic cathedral and the poster child for Georgia tourism.

The high-altitude walled chapel is a sight to behold, especially when seen from afar against a dramatic backdrop of snow-capped, jagged peaks. You can hike up to the church from the town in around an hour via an ambling path (just make sure you follow the correct trail).

As the closest mountain region to Tbilisi (just under a 3-hour drive via the Georgian Military Highway), Kazbegi is an easy addition to even a short Georgia itinerary.

Easy hikes to waterfalls, more beautiful monastery complexes (Dariali is particularly impressive) and the open-air thermal pools at Pansheti are also accessible from Kazbegi, while the town itself has some terrific restaurants that serve typical mountain fare.

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